Following are questions businesses have asked in the past to help with the decision to implement our software:
  •   Accounting Suite
    •   Overview
      • We have a mixture of operating system platforms within our organization. How can we implement a business application without a large investment in new hardware?

        Our software will run on all mainstream operating systems, such as MacOS and flavours of Linux, not just Windows.

    •   General Ledger
      • Our current accounting system is very tedious when it comes to reconciling our bank account. With averaging twelve pages each month for the bank statement it can be a very time consuming process. What advantages does the VDM Business Suite provide?

        Some accounting systems simply list the transactions by date according to when the user has processed the transaction. However, this can be very difficult to locate the exact transaction as the user must scroll through the list and correlate it to when the bank has processed the transaction. The VDM Business Suite still lists those transactions, however, each column of information can be sorted in ascending or descending order including the date, cheque #, memo & amount. This ability speeds up the entire process so the user can complete the reconciliation quicker.

    •   Canadian Taxes
      • The government has scheduled a change in the GST/HST rate to take effect at the beginning of the year. It is only November now. Can the rate be changed in the suite without affecting current activity?

        Yes. All tax related settings, including payroll, are date dependent. Meaning that when you enter the change in the rate, the date the change becomes effective will also need to be entered. Calculations based on the new change will only take effect starting with the effective date. So, this means you can put the change in place when you want to, with full confidence that it will be used properly at the required time.

    •   Accounts Payable
    •   Accounts Receivable
    •   Job Costing
    •   Project Management
    •   Health & Safety
    •   Progress Billing
    •   Payroll (Canadian)
      • We have some employees that prefer a cheque as payment while others are comfortable with providing bank information for direct deposit. Can the suite accomodate both?

        When each employee is configured there is the option for how the employee is to be paid; cheque or direct deposit. So, each employee can be paid by either method. When payroll is run, the suite will determine who is direct deposit and who requires a cheque and process accordingly.

      • Tax rates change often for payroll. Do we need to be concerned about our system being up to date with the latest government changes?

        No. VDM continually reviews the changes from the government, and makes the appropriate changes to the system so you are ready when the new tax rates go into effect. All tax rates are date driven so while you still may be running payrolls for one year, the new rates can be applied to the system for the upcoming year. This ensures you can smoothly transition from one payroll year to the next.

      • The payroll process is the same every week. Do we need to manually go through each of the steps for every payroll run?

        No. VDM provides a quick run payroll option which starts at your payroll edit listing, and completes all calculations and reports for the payroll process up to before the final payroll update. With this option you can quickly run all the repetitive steps for the payroll run by entering the common payroll period infomation once.

      • Some of our salary staff work on jobs. Is it possible to capture their time and apply it to the job?

        Yes. The system can be configured to distribute cost to the job based on the standard rate for the salary employee, or based on the number of hours worked by the salary employee in the period. Any cost left over will be charged back to the department.

      • We like to separate our payroll runs into groups. Is it possible to have different groups within the same company?

        Yes. You may set up as many payroll groups (areas) as you like. Each area can then run it's own payroll. This is best used when separating an executive payroll from the hourly staff payroll run.

      • How does the system handle remittances for such things as WSIB, EHT, and the PD7A?

        VDM has designed a common format for processing remittances. By entering the appropriate tax number and date ranges, all the relative tax figures are presented to you for your remittances on the screen directly from the payroll results. Through this option, you can also review past remittances.

    •   Security