Project Management & Accounting Business Suite

This is our flagship product offering a wide range of modules that feed into each other from all accounting functions in General Ledger, Accounts Payable, and Accounts Receivable to Job Costing, Payroll and Project Management. With the VDM Suite, you get the entire suite of modules with added features such as automated faxing integrated into the bid process of the Project Management module, allowing multiple subcontractors to be notified of upcoming tenders; this alone has been a real time saver.

A powerful report designer allows you to pull data from any source within the VDM suite, and combine it to generate custom reports or forms to meet your business needs. This eliminates the need to export multiple pieces of information to third party products to gain the desired results. You see your data when you want, the way you want. All from within the VDM Suite.

The complete integration of all modules within the VDM Suite ensures that all modules are in sync from your jobs in the Job Costing module, to employees in the Payroll module, to your finances in the Accounting modules. We are strong believers that data should only be entered once, and then distributed through all appropriate modules within the suite.

With VDM we can recommend a database to store your important enterprise data, or if you prefer a specific database, we can run the VDM application on top of your database of choice. We do not 'tie' you to a specific database if you are already comfortable with one, or have one already installed. On the desktop side, your operating system of choice will work with the latest version of the VDM suite. This means if you run Windows, Mac OS, Linux or a combination of any, the application is ready to run. VDM is now also moving to release the next version of the application to run in all versions of browsers allowing you to leverage the next generation of software design and deployment.

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Custom Programming

Already have an existing application but it does not provide all the information you need? Would you like to access data from you existing products and present it in a format more acceptable to your needs? Would you like to share data between multiple current applications to make sure data is consistent across all your software products? Maybe even collect data from electronic devices such as time clocks to feed into your current system. Or, create a new system you can not find!!!

We have completed a number of custom applications involving such modifications as listed above. A few of these projects include:

With rich Internet applications on the rise we can now implement web browser projects using simple Javascript functions or more complex designs involving Javascript libraries such as ExtJS or jQuery. Products like these bring life to an application all within the browser, making it easier to access your data around the world.

If you have an idea to link multiple software products together within your company, or an idea for a new software module you can not find on the market, VDM can make this idea reality.